• Fiona Foley – Indigenous Australian

    Fiona Foley (born 1964) is a contemporary Indigenous Australian artist from Badtjala, Fraser Island, Queensland. She studied at the Sydney College of the Arts. She has travelled as an artist internationally and to remote communities in Northern Territory. In particular visits to Ramingining inspired an awakening to culture and a conscious commitment to living on her own land in Badtjala. She helped establish the Boomalli Aboriginal [...]
  • The Drawing Center’s 2015–2016 Exhibition Schedule

    The Drawing Center's upcoming season launches with Drawing Sound, two events that look at the intersection of drawing, sound, and performance-based art. Billy Martin and String Noise (Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim) will curate multi-night performances in July and September, respectively. Also this summer, Robin Rhode will partner with a group of children ages 8-10 years to create a large-scale mural of [...]
  • Way Before Kim Kardashian’s Butt Broke the Internet, There Was Iris Chacon

      Written by Andrew S. Vargas November 20, 2014 - SOURCE It seems 2014 will go down in history as the year mainstream American society discovered a long-held secret of the Latin community: nalgas. Sure, since the days of J-Lo there has been a brewing interest in the mysterious, exotic attractions of the trasero, but now with [...]