Answered Prayer by Taicha Adaiah Rojas

Answered Prayers

Insomnias nights pain in her eyes
numb in feeling skin cold as ice
immune to cold seasons cross
country dreaming visions of a
luxurious lie a pimp has her mind
freeway money chasing crossing
state lines educated by the life this
life isn’t a game a game that anyone
can play in this life always a price to
be paid losing yourself along the way
sleepless nights in and out of cars
fast lane track racing survival of the
fittest she feels pain her spirit cries
rain imbedded in her brain money to
be made this life is like being lost in
a maze drowning in a pit unable to
get out soon as the sunrises allowed
to clock out long nights no rest no
one to trust lust appeared as love
evil dropping her off watching her
walk off watch her stand at a street
corner 2hours later break her take
half the quota take her for a ride as
he looks her in her eyes caresses her
face he smoothly says be easy Ma
put a smile on that pretty face go on
girl your safe fear in her heart as she
walks away blood pumping adrenalin
rushing she ended the night
escaping with her life making the
rest of the quota by the time she
made it home felt like valentines was
over piercing her in her side hovering
over her wiping the tears from her
eyes he was quick to smack her
down pound for pound this can’t be
love breaking her down shame
placed on her head to be worn as a
crown redemption pain cries out no
one seems to notice her soul is
slowly dying many made predictions
very little thoughts of her existence
hanging by a thread fearing for her
life a devilish love controls her mind
fear captivated no escaping
repetitive threats body bruised beat
down face to the ground placed on
time out only allowed to speak to
when spoken too resistance was
down when he was around an iron
placed on her backside the point
was made her soul would have no
rest there was money to be made
adapted to the life mind traumatized
scarred by the life trying to runaway
was her getaway caught up she
chose the same ways my eyes not
only saw her tears my ears not only
heard her cries I felt her pain
destined to the life in comparison to
Mary from Magdalen just as ancient
days snagged by the devil open
doors lead him in playing a fiddle as
he groomed her she danced to his
riddles as he sculptured her with his
chisel the tassels on her ankle
became entangled mercy
approached her loosened by her
acquainted by His Love a light
through the darkness paves her way
a chance for a brighter future she
never thought possible choosing life
& better days God has opened doors
unimaginable to her with praise she
realizes His Mercy & Grace doesn’t
have a name or a face His Love is
Universal amazing God Answered
the Prayers of a Prostitute


Taicha Adaiah Rojas:

I am a Survivor, a Pastor’s Kid, a Youth Advocate, a Spoken Faith Poet, and a voice speaking out against injustice.

I was sexually abused from 4 to 8 years old by my father. 

When I was 11, I told a friend at school who then told her mom who reassured me that what my dad did wasn’t my fault. She also said I would have to tell my mom. I was afraid.

I felt ashamed that I wasn’t the innocent little girl. Inevitably, there were lots of questions, not just from my mom but from detectives. I felt so depressed, scared and angry. 

Two years later, my stepdad was deported back to his country. He was my everything in terms of a father figure. After his deportation my mother, two sisters (age 1 year and 1 week!) and myself were left homeless. I grew more angry and rebelled. I turned to gang life and street violence. And at 16, I met the man that would change my life forever. 

I was coerced, exploited, and trafficked by him. I was mentally, physically and, at times, brutally beat by him. He isolated me from family and friends. He threatened to bring harm to my family, and I believed him. 

I would run away but never could escape because he was also the father of my child. I believed that I loved him.

My journey hasn’t been easy. But I believe God has made it possible. I am now 32 and my daughter is 14. Her father is 40 years old, in prison, and has been sentenced to 40 years for Human Trafficking. 

I share in hopes that my story will transform many lives!